Treeless Western Saddle Barefoot 'Arizona'
Treeless Western Saddle Barefoot 'Arizona'
Treeless Western Saddle Barefoot 'Arizona'
Treeless Western Saddle Barefoot 'Arizona'
Treeless Western Saddle Barefoot 'Arizona'

Barefoot 'Arizona'

Round Skirted Western Model



  • ultra light western saddle
  • ​​​​​​​horse-friendly, hard wearing Barefoot Western Saddle made of open pore cow hide, extremely adaptable to the horse's shape and very comfortable for the rider.
  • very pliable and moulds to the horse's back
  • made of robust, open pore cow hide - comfortable for the rider
  • very deep seat close to the horse's back
  • idea for short-backed horses

The short, rounded skirts of the Barefoot 'Arizona'  make this model ideal for short-backed horses and horses with high withers. Dirt repellent surface treatment, leather trim, 6 D-rings, conchas with leather strings, western rigging.

Barefoot 'Arizona' comes inclusive Off-Billet & Tie-Strap (Nylon).

Matching wide fenders & stirrups are available separatey. The fork (size wide) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot Saddles. (different width inserts are available for purchase separately)

  • ultra light weight western saddle 
  • very pliable and moulds to horse's back
  • with VPS - System (Vertebrae Protection System) 
  • made of robust, open pored cow hide - comfortable for rider
  • ideal for short backed horses
  • weight only approx. 6.5KG (depending on size)

Colour : brown or black

Balancing saddles through the saddle pad

Pommel insert measuring template

Using the Barefoot Saddle System

Correct change of Barefoot Front Pommel

Care and Maintenance of Barefoot Products


A = length of saddle

B = length of seat

C = length of skirt / saddle flap

Barefoot saddles are hand made. This makes every saddle unique. The measurements are therefore just reference points and can vary slightly.

Size 1:  recommended for clothes sizes :

Ladies 8-12 Gents 28-32

A = approx. 54 cm  B =  approx. 35 cm  C = approx 38cm 

Size 2 : recommended for clothes size :

Ladies 14-18 Gents : 34-38

A = approx. 57 cm   B = approx. 40 cm   C = approx. 39cm

Please note: The lenght of the saddle (A) is the overall length. As there is no pressure at all in the rear part, the horse can move freely. Even if the saddle looks a little too long on your horse, choose the size according to your measurements. It is very important that the saddle fits the rider well, so he has enough space between thighs and pommel and does not sit on the pommel or cantle, which would limit the saddles adaptability. The horse's back is free of any pressure at the rear - the Barefoot can even be lifted slightly at the cantle with a rider on board.

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cracking saddle this! after a week riding western in the states i decided that i wanted a western saddle but was concerned that my ex-racehorse wouldn't take both my weight and the weight of a conventional western saddle. went for the arizona and haven't looked back! i find it extremely comfortable as does my nag! he seems to move with more fluidity and i can 'feel' him a lot better through the saddle. looking forward to trying it out on our young irish sport horse if the wife lets me! thoroughly recommended.

Lyndon Dudding | Shropshire | June 2009

Hi, I would like to update my review first sent in 2005. My Arizone is brilliant - it took a little while to get used to and settle down but now it is superb. My cob goes extremely well in it and stretches down beautifully, he is freer in all paces in this saddle. I did try a friends western saddle but it was too long for him so bought the Arizona. The only problem I had was getting the fork out to exchange it for the smaller one to try on my pony. It was difficult and did not fit anyway so the original one went back and stayed in, the zip did not close properly after that but it is not a problem. It is much lighter than conventional western saddles. I also use a Dr Cooks bitless bridle which he loves, as his mouth is quite sensitive due to an old injury. I use a Lodge rope half-bosal for to and from the field - as he is often ridden bareback to and from the field. Many thanks Gill

Gillian | Surrey | June 2009