Barefoot® Bitless Bit

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  • Description

    Barefoot® Bitless Bit

    Without bit to flexion and understanding between horse and rider!
    The Barefoot® Bitless Bit (BBB) attaches to the bridle in a similar way to a bit or hackamore. Attached the BBB® lies flat against the horse's head and does not cause pinching when in use. Nose and chin straps attach to outward lying metal eyelets and therefore do not assert pressure onto the horse's head. Precise aids can be given.
    The BBB® has no edges and is therefore very comfortable for the horse. Your signals or aids via reins are mainly absorbed via the nose.
    Reins can be attached in various ways:
    Stage 1: In the large ring: gentle effect
    Stage 2: In quadrant-shaped area: medium effect
    Stage 3: In smallest, lowest ring: strongest effect 
    As soon as your horse has converted to bitless riding, any lesson can be taken - light flexion is possible, please see the free leaflet Nr 3 'Bitless Riding'..
    The BBB allows many horses precise communication without bit, not only in these situations:
    • horses with wolf teeth or other dental problems
    • horses with sensitive mouths
    • horses who lean on the bit 
    • head shakers
    • Bit 'Sour' Horses
    • .... or riders who would like to communicate with their horses in a gently way without cold  metal in their mouths!
    In addition you will require a nose and chin strap, to secure to the horse's nose.
    Design protected!
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Sold in pairs
    Just like a bit, a hackamore with leverage only belongs in steady and gentle rider hands!

    Bridle without bit

    Horse-friendly bitless riding. Today we know that there are alternatives: We can reach the same goals with our horse using gentler methods that do not rely on inflicting pain or the use of force. In order to build up a real partnership with our horse, we should be critical of any influence that demands coercion or pain from the horse, e.g. the use of a bit. Today, behavioural biologists are pointing us in a new direction – it is up to us to have the courage to take these new paths. Link to brochure: Bitless riding.

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