Barefoot 'Cheyenne' Saddle Leather

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  • Description

    Barefoot 'Cheyenne' Saddle leather

    With stirrup attachment which can be positioned as needed!

    Our favorite GP saddle made of open pore cow hide (soft), very pliable and adjustable on the horse´s back. Robust and easy to take care of due to its dirt repellant surface treatment. This model is a favorite among riders who want to have to most freedom in their seat. The saddle adjusts to the horse's back and the rider's leg can swing freely; there is no restriction of a knee flap.  
    Light colored thick fleece underside and leather trim.
    6 D-rings to attach all your travel/riding needs.  
    The fiberglass insert (medium size) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddles.
    • Flexible in all 3 directions
    • No undue pressure under saddle and therefore supports the development of a good topline
    • With VPS system
    • Close contact and comfortable, balanced seat in alignment with the horse´s centre of gravity

    Medium width pommel insert as standard (different width available to purchase separately)
    Seat sizes: 0, 1 + 2 

    Leather colors: brown or black

    We have a very slightly used Barefoot Cheyenne, black, Size 2 in stock for immediate delivery. Saddle as new with just a few stray horse hairs on underside.

    Offered with a 15% discount. Please email if you are interested 

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    Barefoot Saddles FAQ

    Balancing saddles through the saddle pad

    Pommel insert measuring template

    Using the Barefoot Saddle System

    Correct change of Barefoot Front Pommel

    Care and Maintenance of Barefoot Product


    A = length of saddle

    B = length of seat

    C = length of skirt / saddle flap

    Barefoot saddles are hand made. This makes every saddle unique. The measurements are therefore just reference points and can vary slightly.

    pant size
    pant size
    Cheyenne 0
    Cheyenne 1
    32-34/36 (6-8)
    36-40 (8-12)
    44-46 (26-28)
    44-48 (28-32)
    Cheyenne 257405142-46 (14-18)50-54 (34-38)

    Please note: The length of saddle (A) is the overall length. Since there is no pressure at all in the rear part, the horse can move freely. Even if the saddle looks a little too long on your horse, choose the size according to your measurements. It is very important that the saddle fits the rider well, so he has enough space between thighs and pommel and does not sit on the pommel or cantle, which would limit the saddle's adaptability. The horse's back is free of any pressure at the rear – the Barefoot can even be lifted slightly at the cantle with a rider on board.

    Healthy back due to our VPS System

    VPS stands for vertebrae protecting system. It consists of a combination of different materials which enable the rider’s weight to be distributed evenly over the largest possible saddle area .Even at a standing trot, the rider's weight is distributed over the entire saddle surface there is therefore no weight restriction for riders. For more information see: Barefoot flyer VPS-System.

    Exchange pommel Size Medium

    We normally deliver this saddle with an exchangeable pommel insert in size MEDIUM. Each Barefoot saddle is equipped with an exchangeable pommel at the front, which allows it to be adapted to the shoulder width of your horse. With the help of our measuring template you can easily determine the correct size of pommel insert for your horse  

    Adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension

    The adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension is attached between the seat and the saddle substructure and is therefore easy to adjust. This means that the saddle can easily be adapted to riders with different leg lengths simply by moving the stirrup suspension either backwards or forwards.

    Narrow Stirrup-Attachment

    Narrow stirrup attachment approx. 2.5 cm width, suitable for all English stirrup leathers and narrow fenders.

    Barefoot high quality leather

    Barefoot high quality leather

  • Reviews (43)

    I'd just like to say that I bought my first Barefoot saddle from you back in 2005 - or possibly earlier!! It was the basic GP saddle complete with pad and both are still going strong and used daily. I literally could not tell you how many horses it has been used on and how many young horses it has started under saddle. I later bought a Neveda - in about 2007. What an amazing saddle!! I haven't spent as many hours in it as the GP but am starting to lately. I am THE biggest advocate of your products - I have not ridden in anything else since 2006!! I honestly do not think I could ride in a traditional framed saddle now. Thank You for over 15 years of blissfully comfortable riding!!!

    Gina Watts

    I have just received my Cheyenne package and am thrilled to bits with it. Delivery was very quick and the quality of my saddle and accessories is superb. Just ridden my boy Guinness in the Cheyenne and I truly cannot believe the difference it has made. Guinness is a Section D and I have owned him for 6 months and always ridden him in a treed saddle but due to me breaking a bone in the bottom of back I was advised I wouldn't ride again but I don't give up easily and after reading about the Cheyenne I just had to try because I was in too much pain with the treed saddle but having to give up riding just didn't bear thinking about. I have just ridden for well over an hour and can honestly say that even though there was stil a little pain is was nothing compared to riding in the treed saddle even though I used a seat bone saver with it!! Guinness also appreciates his new saddle he moves much more freely and strides out like he never has before. Thank you H & H for supplying these great saddles you've certainly made one horse and rider very happy. Thanks again Gina & Guinness x

    Kim Elsey

    WOW!! I bought my cheyenne saddle last week and couldn't believe how quick it was delivered!! The pony is much happier in her cheyenne and it looks fantastic too!! THANKYOU!

    Anne Eadie

    I recently bought a Cheyene treeless saddle for my Clydesdale cross. Its the most comfortable saddle ive ever ridden in, so much so that I have now bought a second hand Atlanta western saddle. Thank you Barefoot I am a complete convert!

    Kirsty Shaw

    I bought this saddle last year and i would never go back to a normal saddle again, i have broken my very difficult youngster in it and she will not be ridden in anything else, she goes great in it. I also suffer from very a sore back and this saddle has made it a a wonderful instead of a painfull experience,so thank you so much for this.


    I have owned my cheyenne for a year now and it is still the best saddle I have ever sat on. The saddle is still in fab condition even though its been used rather a lot!! My horse moves so much better with this saddle and I'm sure he appreciates not having a plank of wood down his spine!! I would recommend these saddles to anyone as they truly are the best. Thanks H&H Gina.


    I have been ride in a barefoot for about 4years and have 2 of these wonderfully comfortable saddles.Iused to have problems with my throughbred as he is so narrow and couldnt find any thing to fit him ,one day I just thought Id try my barefoot and have never looked back. I tell every one I see about how wonderfull they are and have even lent my saddle for people to try and they to have now got barefoots What more can I say.

    Pennie Crawford

    I have just come home from a weekend of western riding and NOTHING will compare to my treelss saddle! It is still the best investment I've ever made;I've sold,or given away all my conventional saddles!I might buy a treeless western saddle in due course,if only to prove that you don't have to get a sore behind!!! This is my 3rd or 4th input,but I cannot praise my treeless saddle enough!

    Emma Kerr

    This is definitely the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in!! My horse seems so much more comfortable and walks out much more freely. I most definitely will not go back to treed saddles again! Excellent value for money. All of my friends want to buy a treeless saddle now too after they had sat in mine. Thanks horse and harmony.

    Katie Hartop

    amazing saddle!! super fast delivery too. beautifuly made and definatley the most comfortable saddle i have ever ridden on!! the guys at horse and harmony have been really helpful. if you are not decided on whether to go treeless or not then read these reviews!! we ain't kidding,these saddles are wonderful!!

    Rebecca Roberts

    I had struggled for several months to fit a saddle to my new ever changing in shape Irish cob and had encountered a few spills in the process. I then discovered Horse and Harmony and after reading the glowing reviews I purchased the Barefoot Cheyenne standard package with fenders, delivery of which was extremely prompt. I would highly recommend the package option, this is an absolutely grade A product, the high quality is evident and the saddle fits my horse to a tee! He is a much happier boy with his new saddle!

    Gina Watts

    Gina Watts

    Pennie Crawford

    18 months on,I can't begin to think of riding with a conventional saddle.I have a dressage saddle and a GP saddle also, but they don't give me the same secure feeling that my Barefoot one does.I love it to bits and will tell anyone who will listen about it's virtues.I should be on a comission!!! It is truely the best money I've spent on my boys,I don't regret a penny of it. I LOVE IT!!!

    Fiona Munro

    I ordered the Cheyenne package on Wed 14/11/07 pm and it arrived Fri 16/11/07 am. Fantastic delivery time. Having to work until 4pm before I can go to the yard to try it out - very exciting. thanks very much. I can see this website being quite costly on my bank account over the next wee while :o)

    Tracey Hall

    I ordered and paid for my Cheyenne Package on the 08/10/07 and it arrived on the 12th super quick delivery. The saddle itself is brilliant so comfy and it fits Jack like a glove he is so forward going now he is difficult to stop. I would definitely recommend a Barefoot to anybody looking to buy a treeless saddle. Don't go anywhere else.....than to Horse and Harmony.

    Katie Dunn

    Published Barefoot 'Cheyenne' i have just recieved this saddle in the ocean blue and it looks amazing!!! my horse is a 6year old jupsey type cob so hes rather wide, he is so wide tha i had sooo much trouble trying to find him an english saddle. an xxwide wouldnt go anywhere near him, they all just slipped around causing him pain and making him buck. not fun! so when i herd about treless saddles i had to give them a go so i tried a friends and then ordered mine the same night! i fink its the old arizona. but when i saw this one on sale i couldnt resist. TJ ( my horse) always has blue everything and so i thought it was the perfect addition to my collection. so i asked my early xmas present was ordered quick before they went out of stock! as usual it arroved in record timing and in perfect condition. i couldnt thank you enough. its brilliant and i look forward to many happy hacks and hours in the school.thanx katiexx

    Sara Cawthorne

    Hi, I brought a Cheyenne saddle last year off Ebay and it is without a doubt the most comfortable saddle I have ever rode in. Myself and my horse completed a 15 mile ride two weeks ago and at the end listening to other riders saying how sore thay were it was great to be able to say that I could have gone round again!! My horse goes so much better also. I have just brought a Barefoot Bridle which is excellent quality. many Thanks !

    Lisa Corrigan

    hi i rode for the first time today in my cheyenne saddle it was instantly very comfortable and found that my horse was more forward going and able to move more freely. i must admit i did feel abit insecure in the canter and feel that i will overcome in the more i get used to riding in this saddle and it felt a little wierd as there is no knee rolls .overall very happy with my purchase and its at a great price and is ideal as my boy is still growing.

    Pennie Crawford

    recieved my saddle today after a long wait.Would like to have some in depth instructions as to the fitting and using of fender type stirrups as never used them before.looked simple enough until I tried to fit them to my size!Got into all sorts of a muddle!Once sorted,still with stirrups too long, I went for a ride on my 4 y.o. welsh cob.He was so forward going it was amazing!I felt really comfortable until I tried a canter...Not so good. I felt very insecure.I assume that I will have to practice that a bit!However, I have no doubt that I have done the right thing by buying this saddle.I will report back again in a few this space!!!

    Pennie Crawford

    An update! Now getting used to my barefoot saddle and loving it! Also using it on my Arab as well as my welsh cob.Fits them both superbly and they are both relaxed and happy boys.My arab has been notoriously difficult to fit a saddle to over the past 10 years as his shape seems to change by the year!!! I'd reccomend one to everyone! The saddle that is, not the arab, although he is lovely! cheers, Pennie.

    Kate Thomson

    hi..i've had my saddle for 2 years now,and i'll never go back to english again! chymnee loves her saddle,and it fits her saving up for one for my older horse as well..think she is getting jealous!

    Angela Gotheridge

    hi i just wanted to say me and star have had our treeless saddle for just over a year now its wonderful, took a few weeks for me to adjust to riding in it, star seemed to take to it straight away though - it was very noticeable - i do endurance riding with her (she is a 9 yr old welsh cob by the way) and immediately her strides in trot increased - she flies over the ground now, her shoulder can extend much further back. I always assumed jumping wasnt her thing - the 2 years before we went treeless i have tried to teach her to jump but she really didnt like it, when she did jump it seemed very awkward for her. I tried jumping her this year and she loves it now - it was a bit tricky staying on around corners to start with but i have got used to it now i just keep my stirrups longish. We got a first and second in our first outing jumping i was so chuffed

    Petra Warburton

    since i purchased my saddle about three months or so ago my arab is going very well in it she does endurance rides etc in the saddle and i find my position is better, i know that this saddle does not guarantee to fix posture but it is easier to sit in position. i was lost as to what saddle to use on her as she is short backed and croup high. but so far this has been the answer when going up steep hills or down them she is more accepting of this saddle as it doesn't seem to hinder her movement. its a well thought out saddle which suits my mare and so far two others have bought the saddle and a few more to follow as well. well done excellent saddle. i have a red limited edition and the other two people have brown and black. they have not got a problem with them either.

    Alison Booth

    Hi, we've just received our Barefoot Cheyenne saddle package and we are delighted with it. After trying for weeks to find a suitable saddle to fit our new pony we were giving up hope. He is very high withered and very short backed. He also was out of condition but with love and care and some good grass his shape was changing almost by the day. I came across the treeless saddles on the internet and am now a convert. I'll never go back to a treed one. Our pony is happy and after swapping the inserts for the special high withered ones there is clearance. My daughter says it is really comfortable too - a friend says the position takes some getting used to but all in all we are all delighted. We bought a Simply Red and it looks really good on him as he's a chestnut - definately a head turner!! The leathers were out of stock but came with the postman this morning. Thanks to the Horse and Harmony team. Look forward to my next purchase.

    Olwen Hemmings

    Dear Horse and Harmony Team, WOW! Just wanted to say thank you so much for my Barefoot Treeless saddle. I received it a few weeks ago now but have only just had the opportunity to get out and use it on my Welsh Section D Cob, Brad. Brad is 5 this year and I only started backing him last summer. We are taking things at a slow pace but comming on well and I can say that the treeless saddle has made such a difference already. I have been using a normal leather saddle up untill now which seemed to be OK for him (and it was comfortable enough for me) but over the last while he has been starting to "shuffle" when I tightened the girth and not stand still when I mounted. When I went to do up the girth with the Treeless, he seemed about to start his "shuffling" but then stopped still, turned his head to look round at me as if realising that this saddle was different, it was almost as if he was saying "oh, this is much better than normal" When I mounted and moved off I felt the difference imediatly both for myself and for Brad. For me the saddle is just like sitting in my armchair it is so soft and flexable and the nubuck leather finish helps for a more secure "grip" feeling. I could feel every movement he made just like riding bare back (which I love). He too seemed much more relaxed and "free" in his movement I could even feel his heart beating through the saddle after we had been for a canter! I was getting really concerned about my old saddle that the fit was becoming wrong, especially as he finishes growing and starts to build musscle, now I don't have to worry about that any more, my new saddle will be great whatever shape he becomes! The only problem for me now is I've been raving about my new saddle to all my friends, I will not be able to sell my old one to anyone I know as they all want a Barefoot Treeless now! Thank you once again Yours Happy Hacking

    Leona Gould

    My welsh x mare 14.3 middle weight lady cob, loves her new saddle and we have been riding for hours all day in it, she doesnt pull faces at her saddle anymore, and you really can feel more of the horses movement whilst still feeling secure, it may take a little getting used to, but i tried my old leather sadlle the other day and it was really bad, like sitting on top of a wooden triangle. Cant wait to flog it, im defiantley sticking to treeless now. We are in fact treelesss bitless and barefoot too. If you see a chesnut cob trotting round birmingham suburbs in a cheyenne saddle , it'll be me and the wild beestie! Everyone at my yard even the die hard old tradionalists are being forced to change their minds, a bit more opened mindedness and there will be a lot more happier ponies in the world. p.s I didn't tell the osteopath cus she doesn't agree with them, however her back has had clean bill of health....say no more.

    Laura Forster

    Just want to say how pleased I am with my Cheyenne saddle. My pony had had his old treed saddle checked twice and each time they said it was fine. His cold-backed behaviour had begun to frighten me and so after being advised it was a behavioural issue I put him on the market, hoping to find someone with more experience who could school it out of him. I could ride him bareback ok, and so this saddle was a last attempt to find a solution. Suffice to say he is no longer for sale! He works long and low in it, and is so calm and clearly very very comfortable and happy. There is no remnants of his cold backed bahaviour at all, since the very first ride in it. The comfort of it for me as well is amazing, and I am very impressed with the quality, especially for the price. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Pennie Crawford

    I have now had my saddle for several months and really love it. I can't imagine riding in a conventional saddle again! That said, Is there anyone out there who has shown a Welsh Cob under saddle in one? I am told that it is acceptable but no one seems to have ever seen one in the ring,also,how would a judge get on with one as they are so different to a normal saddle?It took me long enough to get used to it and I would hate to lose placings due to a judge not being able to ride in it! Cheers, Pennie and Jack.

    Lisa Harding

    I now have my Barefoot 'Cheyenne' and I just wanted to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with it. I would recommend it to anyone. I will never, ever put another treed saddle on my horse. It is so comfortable for us both and the grip is excellent. I wish I had bought it sooner. So to anyone hesitating.....don't, you will be so pleased when you get it.

    Pauline Hamilton

    Hi, Just rode in my cheyenne package for the first time today Wednesday 14th March. It was fabulous. This is my fourth saddle for my cob and the last!!! I will never go back to a treed saddle for him again. Instead of rushing about like a loony then having to calm him down, he was calm as we strode out into the paddock/school. His trot felt like he was floating instead of his usual thump thump buck. He is a happy little chap and it was an instant reaction to the saddle. Some say it takes ages to get used to the position but I settled in right off the bat as I do ride bareback on occasion anyway it was not a huge change. What more can I say, the staff at H&H are helpful, know loads about their products which is helpful!! It is a beautiful looking saddle and suits him beautifully. Amzaing amazing wonderful what more can i say

    Sam Maloy

    Just wanted to write a review. I have had my barefoot cheyenne saddle for over a year now. I got it for my pregnant mare, so I could continue to ride her gently through her pregnancy. Her treed saddle fitted well, but she wasn't evenly developed and would push the treed saddle to one side. The last straw came when she flinched when the girth was done up on the treed saddle, so I bought a barefoot saddle instead. Now she no longer flinches, is more forward going and freer and so much happier. I have also used it on other horses, and even our 12.2hh who went through a "naughty" phase, but he had saddle/back/teeth issues. Now he is also a happy pony, so much, that I'm now getting a child's barefoot as an addition to our barefoot range ! I love the comfort of it, so much that I get a sore butt when riding back in a treed saddle again !

    Lisa Taylor

    I have had my cheyenne saddle for a few months now and i love it.I had a real problem finding a saddle to fit my mare and after alot of research into these saddles i settled on the barefoot which i think is as good as the more expensive treeless saddles.My cob mare moves freely under this saddle and i can do all transitions with no problem.I like the way the stirrups hang in a more central position so your legs are not pushed forward in fact i feel more secure in this saddle. This is the best thing i have ever bought for me and my horse. I recommend this saddle.

    Kim Cattermole

    The Barefoot Cheyenne is great! My Arab, Buffy, hadn't had any tack on her for nearly 2yrs, due to me being pregnant, twice! & her needing to mature after initial backing. So riding her again after such a long time plus trying a new saddle was going to be quite an experience! I needn't have worried. We both loved the saddle. I loved how comfortable it was & how it makes you feel like your legs are wrapped right around your horse. Buffy walked out so well we were way ahead of my 2 mates on their cobs. She obviously enjoyed the whole experience. When i took the saddle off there wasn't a single sweat or rub mark, in fact it didn't look like she had even had a saddle on. I did have a Grandeur pad as well, which i would recommend. The Cheyenne is also very well made, despite being the cheapest! I would also like to thank Horse & Harmony for such an excellent service.

    Linda Judd

    I am very pleased with my Cheyenne saddle. Previously every saddle was shunted back by my cobs' large shoulders, also had a lot of side to side roll, having to realign saddle 2-3 times every ride.Was a little worried that the saddle pad recommended would be too thick and would encourage 'roll' as usually had to have very thin pad.However armed with Grandeur Pad and Cheyenne saddle, we hit the road. Very pleased, the saddle hardly moves at all, in fact seems to 'hug' my cobs large round shape. Took a while to get used to it, at first you feel as if your feet ar too far back, but when you relax and wrap your legs around the horse it all works well and is very comfy. The only thing I am a little disapointed in is the colour loss of the saddle, I forgot to cover it in the tack room, one side is facing a window, so now one side has faded out to browny black. But apart form that would highly recommend these saddles for the very round cob, I honestly had got to the end of my tether trying six saddles in four years.

    Gemma Ash

    I bought mine about a month ago. My dales rarely moves away now when mounting or rolls after riding (which was every time in a treed). The only thing is his tripping occasionally from behind but that is probably me!! not quite decided yet as not consistent enough to find out!! He really feels me, lateral is so much easier whereas before tears and tantrums on both sides of the saddle where the outcome! He really can move freely and acceleration has definately improved! Love it and very secure once your used to it.

    Clare Campbell

    I was very impressed in the fast delivery of the saddle and how comfortable it is to ride in. After having major problems finding a suitable saddle to fit my extrememly wide fell pony I spent hours on the net and decided upon a Barefoot. I have only had the chance to ride in it a few times so far and although I am still getting used to riding in a completely different style it is comfortable (although I haven't quite mastered the rising trot yet!). You defintely dont feel as secure as a traditional saddle but hopefully this will improve especially as it moulds to her and I get used to having no knee rolls. I am currently using a poly pad and an antislip pad instead of the special pad that is available and it moves only slightly but will be shopping again in the future for the best available pad - would love to know other Barefoot owners views on what is the most suitable pad? Would defintely advise people to give the Barefoot a try and would be good if the saddle was available in the future on a trial basis as think more people would convert!

    Zeb Graham-Howard

    I have asked the people who make these wonderful saddles If I may be so bold as to right a small piece expressing my opinion on their product. They agreed, so here we go! Six years ago I bought a baby horse. At 16 weeks He was a gangly thing that looked like a small red and white calf. He was to grow into the equine love of my life. Gunner. I wanted to do the very best for Him and give Him every chance to become the good companion I required. I backed Him at 3, on 70 Acers. We spent a summer playing with the other horses that he shared his life with. The following year I bitted Him, (still riding bare back). It took a while, but eventually we found one that He liked. The next spring it was time for the saddle. I found a nice G/D for him that didn’t block his shoulder. Being such a “good doer” I drove my saddler mad with fitting checks. I opted for synthetic, but was not happy with it. There had to be a better way so I “hit the net”. I e-mailed there and then to order and had to wait 6 weeks!!!! ( I could live with that). I felt like a kid at Christmas when it arrived. On time too. The box and its contence were taken to the yard that afternoon. I showed the saddle to Gunner. He put his nose on it. He loved the sheepskin on the underside, as I swung it up on his back he stood still while I girthed up. This was not usually the case. He was normally a bit of a fidget. Mounting was always a bit of an issue too. Today, however Gunner stood at the mounting block, quiet and still. From that moment I vowed to never put anything else on His back. He moved freely. He flowed. My pelvis was spread a little, so I took out the front “form” for a while and stuffed the space with fleece, until He lost weight and I had got stronger. We absolutely love our saddle. In my professional life I am an Equine Reiki Master Teacher as well as an Equine Behaviourist. Equine Consultant and Therapist. I constantly meet people with “problem horses”. In some cases I meet horses with “problem people” I have, and will continue, to recommend trying the barefoot method of riding to those horses/people I think will benefit from it. I can not recommend it highly enough. One of my clients thought her horse to be unridable due the extreme reaction of the horse, to saddles. She only had to walk near the horse with a saddle and the horse would start to shift and fidget. If a saddle was put on the horse, he would throw himself down. I treated the horse with Reiki, for his memory of pain caused by saddling in the past. After only three treatments I fitted my own barefoot saddle. He didn’t move a step. Needless to say he now has his very own Barefoot Saddle, and is back to enjoying going out and about again with the safety of tack for his owner. They have re-discovered each other. He may even get to some shows again this year. I was very lucky to receive for my birthday, just gone, a beautiful Barefoot girth and stirrup leathers so Gunner is fully kitted for the show season. He shows nice paces, so will be trying dressage at some stage. Our comfort is secure, now all I need to sort out is His silly head. His Grand-Dame was a Shire Thoroughbred cross and He thinks He’s pure thoroughbred and 3 at times. Oh the joys of youngsters. Zeb Graham-Howard Equine Reiki Master Teacher Equine Behaviourist, Consultant and Therapist.

    Nicky Mace

    Ive just received my treeless saddle,and i just had to say how pleased i am!After having a more expensive treeless saddle on trial i was worried it might not be as good quality, because it was cheaper!when i unwrapped it i was more than pleased , and my 17yo americam standard bred is a differant horse .He's much more forward going ,but more relaxed at the same time,if thats possible! A big thankyou Horse and Harmony!

    Keeley Fox

    Thank you for such a fab saddle!!!my old horse now is so happy when being ridden! it fits him really well and it is so comfy for me too! my horse has a problem with saddles fitting because he changes shape alot, now i dont have to worry about it any more! he now strides out more than he ever has done and seems happy and relaxed!! i would recomend any one who is thinking of getting a treeless to get one!!!!

    Kate Hooper

    I ordered my brown Cheyenne and was delighted how quickly it arrived - within 2 weeks. The first time I sat in it was pure bliss, never had I sat in such a comfy saddle! I had previously owned a similar treeless costing much more but the Cheyenne fitted better and was a lot more comfortable for the rider. My ID/TB has lost the dipped withers he had previously and I love the relaxed feel we both get with the saddle. For those worrying the cost seems too cheap, trust me you'll love it!

    Lyn Manderson

    I got my cheyenne last autumn, and had to wait in excess of 8 weeks for it, but it was well worth the wait. I had been having a spot of bother finding a saddle that fitted both me and my tb horse, and going treeless seems to have solved all my problems. The only (small) problem i've had, was with the dye coming out after the first rain - i did expect a small amount of running, but even though i treated the leather before i started using it, a (brand new) pair of jods were completely ruined! But like i say, its a small problem, and not one i'm going to dwell on! i wouldn't go back to a saddle with a tree after the bliss of treeless, and i just ordered a dr cooks bitless bridle to complete the horse and harmony experience!!


    The Barefoot Cheyenne is undoubtedly the best saddle I have ever owned. It's very comfortable for any activity whether it be hacking, jumping, cross country etc. I use this saddle for everything, it's great for to jump in as it's flexible, provides a lot of support for the rider and gives freedom of movement of the leg. I've jumped up to 3ft3 for fun using this saddle and I've had no issues with it. It's also extremely comfortable for long rides. I used to get back pain using a treed saddle, but now with the Cheyenne I've been riding out for up to 4 hours with no pain at all. It fits my tb x warmblood mare very well and she seems very comfortable wearing it. Her muscles have developed better whilst wearing it and she is more eager to stretch out her neck and work from behind. The rings on the saddle are also really handy to attach breast plates or to clip on lead ropes and saddle bags for long rides.

    Colette Silverman

    I've had my Barefoot 'Cheyenne' saddle about three weeks now and I absolutely love it! It's the best saddle I've ever had. My 13.2hh Fell pony seems to love it too. I had so many problems fitting Elijah with a saddle, I had saddle fitters out but even they didn't have one to fit him and said he would have to have one specially made, well that wasn't going to happen so I started hunting the internet for a solution. I took me a while to decide which saddle to go for, but at the end I went for the Cheyenne because of all the good reviews it has, and I must say, I'm so glad I did. The Cheyenne is extremely comfortable, I got the size one even though I'm a size 14, mainly because I've seen the size two and it would have been too much on my sort backed Fell, but size one is perfect for me, not too small at all, it's just right, although I haven't got a big butt anyway :) I was bothered that the saddle may slip as I tried another of the barefoot saddles, the Barefoot 'Cherokee' and I had a problem when mounting with that, it slipped, but it also had a different pad under that one, so it could be my present pad that stops this slipping, as I've mounted from the ground and the saddle hasn't moved. I got the BF 'Physio Saddle Pad System' for this saddle and the saddle doesn't move. I also use a shorter girth that is padded with elasticated ends, that could add to non slippage. Anyway, all in all I am extremely happy with my buy, couldn't recommend it enough. Good quality and value for money. Super comfort for horse and rider, my boy goes really well in it, I will get the same again when my other horse is backed next year.

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