Barefoot® 'Lexington' Saddle

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  • Description

    Barefoot® 'Lexington' Saddle

    Exclusive and innovative saddle in the classical Dressage design manufactured with soft Nubuck with stirrup attachment which can be positioned as needed, plus flexible V-Rigging, wedge-shaped bolster underneath the seat and kneerolls which can be adjusted via Velcro.
    This saddle lets the rider feel every movement of the horse's back and his muscles - thus creating a sound foundation for subtle riding.
    The stirrup attachment can be positioned as needed - therefore the saddle can easily be adjusted to your personal needs and measurements. The 'Lexington' is equipped with a wedge-shaped VPS® padding, raising the seat in the rear and thus enabling a straight position for the rider, which is even further supported by the distinct knee-roll.
    The rigging is flexible and runs in a V-form, allowing the saddle to be cinched straight even when the girthing area is difficult. Compared to standard Dressage saddles, the 'Lexington' is placed further to the front, positioning the rider directly above the horse's centre of gravity. The horse can more easily balance the rider's weight.
    Thanks to the long and slightly wider flap with formed knee-rolls, the rider's leg is securely positioned in a dressage seat. Underneath this support, additional knee-rolls - which are included in two different sizes - can be placed as desired thank to Velcro fastening. Furthermore, the knee-roll support is equipped with AirPumpSystem - air can circulate allowing the knee-roll to conform to the rider's leg even more softly.
    This saddle ensures proper support even when hacking-out; therefore it comes with 6 D-Rings to attach saddle blanket and luggage. As with all Barefoot® saddles, the Fiberglas-inlay in the front pommel (size medium) can be exchanged.
    • flexible in all three dimensions (X, Y, Z)
    • no peak pressure on thus no reduction of back muscles
    • stirrup attachment can be positioned as needed
    • wedge-shaped VPS "vertebrae protecting system" underneath seat
    • flexible V-Rigging
    • AirPump-System
    • Adjustable knee-rolls
    • Enhances subtle style of riding thanks to placing the rider close to the horse
    • Weight just about 6 Kilo

    Medium width pommel insert as standard (different width available to purchase separately)
    Color: black only
    Size 1-short: smaller, narrower saddle flap, recommended for riders up to size M/L and 1,70 m (5"9 ft"inch) height
    Size 1-long: longer, wider saddle flap, recommended for riders up to size M/L from 1,70 m (5"7 ft"inch) height with rather long and sturdy legs (thighs)
    Size 2-short: smaller, narrower saddle flap, recommended for riders from size L up to 1,70 m (5"9 ft"inch) height
    Size 2-long: longer, wider saddle flap, recommended for riders from size L  from 1,70 m (5"7 ft"inch) height with rather long and sturdy legs (thighs)


    pant size
    pant size
    Lexington 1513553/57
    36-40 (8-12)44-48 (28-32)
    Lexington 25639
    55/5942-46 (14-18)50-54 (34-38)

    Please note: The length of saddle (A) is the overall length. Since there is no pressure at all in the rear part, the horse can move freely. Even if the saddle looks a little too long on your horse, choose the size according to your measurements. It is very important that the saddle fits the rider well, so he has enough space between thighs and pommel and does not sit on the pommel or cantle, which would limit the saddle's adaptability. The horse's back is free of any pressure at the rear – the Barefoot can even be lifted slightly at the cantle with a rider on board.

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    Barefoot Saddles FAQ

    Balancing saddles through the saddle pad

    Pommel insert measuring template

    Using the Barefoot Saddle System

    Correct change of Barefoot Front Pommel

    Care and Maintenance of Barefoot Products

    Exchange pommel Size Middle

    We normally deliver this saddle with an exchangeable pommel insert in size MEDIUM. Each Barefoot saddle is equipped with an exchangeable pommel at the front, which allows it to be adapted to the shoulder width of your horse. With the help of our measuring template you can easily determine the correct size of pommel insert for your horse (Link: Measuring template + instructions).

    Adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension

    The adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension is attached between the seat and the saddle substructure and is therefore easy to adjust. This means that the saddle can easily be adapted to riders with different leg lengths simply by moving the stirrup suspension either backwards or forwards.

    Narrow Stirrup-Attachment

    Narrow stirrup attachment approx. 2.5 cm width, suitable for all English stirrup leathers and narrow fenders.

    Flexible V-Girthing - even works for critical horse girth areas

    The movable V-strap is often used when a horse has girthing problems. It gives the elbow plenty of room to move and, because the two strands can move independently of one another, the pressure from the girth is distributed more evenly. 


    This saddle has knee rolls with our integrated AirPumpSystem: Circulating air in the knee roll makes the knee roll pad more flexible, so the knee roll adapts individually to the rider's leg.

    Available in Saddle size 0 with extended delivery period

    Available in Saddle size 0 with extended delivery period

    Barefoot high quality leather

    Barefoot high quality leather

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