Barefoot 'Nevda' Treeless Saddle

Barefoot 'Nevada'

Square Skirted Western Model


  • western saddle with Barefoot VPS®-system
  • stable even on heavy horses "without" withers
  • flexible stirrup attachment
  • nubuk-leather in black or brown

Horse-friendly Treeless Western saddle made of open pore cow hide especially adaptable to the horses back and very comfortable for the rider!

Dirt repellent surface treatment, leather trim. Light coloured, thick fleece underside, 6 D-rings, conchas and leather strings to attach your travel/riding needs. The fork (size wide) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot Saddles. (different width inserts are available for purchase separately)

Square skirts of the Barefoot  'Nevada' offer a large contact area and halt and therefore makes this model ideal for large framed, wide horses with low withers.

The english rigging allows for better saddle positioning on horses with large barrels and ensures a secure hold.

Matching wide fenders & stirrups are available separately.

  • flexible in all directions
  • promotes development of a good topline
  • with VPS system 
  • ideal for broad backed horses
  • weight only approx. 7KG  

Colour, Black, Brown

Seat Size : One size only  (1 1/2)


Balancing saddles through the saddle pad

Pommel insert measuring template

Using the Barefoot Saddle System

Correct change of Barefoot Front Pommel

Care and Maintenance of Barefoot Products​​​​​​​

A = length of saddle

B = length of seat

C = length of skirt / saddle flap

Barefoot saddles are hand made. This makes every saddle unique. The measurements are therefore just reference points and can vary slightly.

Recommended for clothes sizes :

Ladies 8-16 Gents 28-36

A = approx. 53cm  B =  approx. 38 cm  C = approx 46cm 

Please note: The lenght of the saddle (A) is the overall length. As there is no pressure at all in the rear part, the horse can move freely. Even if the saddle looks a little too long on your horse, choose the size according to your measurements. It is very important that the saddle fits the rider well, so he has enough space between thighs and pommel and does not sit on the pommel or cantle, which would limit the saddles adaptability. The horse's back is free of any pressure at the rear - the Barefoot can even be lifted slightly at the cantle with a rider on board.

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I have had my Barefoot Nevada for the last 4 or 5 years and my horses love it. I now use it on my Dales Pony Jack who is who is now 5 but has been changing shape for the last two years. This was his first saddle when I started him and he flows in it. My previous horse Jasmine also loved it and she always moved so freely in it compared to any other saddle. It was like she had a fifth gait like an Islandic pony when she wore it. It was if she was saying, now I can move. Thank you.

Liz Garland | UK | June 2009

Just to let you know that both my Fell pony and I are delighted with the Barefoot Nevada. Great saddle. I had tried one before but found it too wide for my little legs and hips. However having the Heather Moffett hipsaver on it has made such a difference - the hipsaver does exactly what it says on the tin!

I feel so secure in this saddle, it feels almost impossible to fall off. In fact, if anything, I have trouble dismounting from it - getting out of it is quite a feat! But that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Now that I am middle aged, falling off is not to be recommended, so I'm sure this saddle will help me keep all my bones intact.

When trialling it yesterday, we were riding through the woods and I wasn't watching where I was going properly. My pony went underneath a low branch, I caught my head on the branch and was pulled backwards in the saddle. The branch snapped forward again over my hat, and in surprise my pony leapt forward over a muddy puddle, slipped, leapt again, bucked and started to take off down the pathway having been thoroughly startled. In an ordinary saddle I would have been deposited into that puddle of mud. In this saddle, I stayed completely upright, barely moved at all, and had control of my pony again within a couple of strides. My heart didn't even skip a beat, I felt so secure. The saddle stayed put and so did I!

Caroline Lawrence | Cheshire | June 2009

I received my Barefoot Nevada saddle last Friday 30th March, I was that excited I could'nt wait to try it.I couldn't believe the difference, it was so comfortable, but whats really good is it appeared to be a lot more comfortable for my horse, he appeared to be moving more freely ,wanted to go forward.My horse & I are looking forward to having a lot more fun now as I have found a saddle that is comfortable for the both of us.

Jane Dawson | Stafford | June 2009

We bought the Nevada saddle for our big roly poly cob who never found a saddle that could stay in place without slipping.This saddle was a big success and so comfortable, we love it.

However, in the meantime, my young Dutch Warmblood was being trained with a traditional saddle, lovely saddle, but saddler has been out 3 times as she changes shape in the 6 months of her ridden work.She was a quick learner, obliging but 'lazy'.After, having wormcounts, blood tests, physio..the laziness continued.On a whim, popped the nevada saddle on her...could not believe my eyes !This horse was totally different -she floated ! No leaning on the bit, no sluggishness, no hollowing ! She moved with a lightness and freedom we'd never seen before, effortlessly collected, moving like a ballerina !

I'm really impressed, and think our horses are too.

Mrs Marie-Louise Whayman | Leicester | June 2009

I've owned my Irish TBx Finn for nearly two years. He's 8 but has the training of a four year old which means he's forever tense and stressed about people gettin on board of even lunging him. I used to have a GP Kieffer which at only 5ft tall I had trouble carrying or lifting to get it on him. Finn would never stand still to be tacked up but would race round his stable or at least flinch and stamp when the saddle was put on. I decided I'd had enough of this and clearly so had he. Desperate for info I found this web address in my BHS monthly magazine and logged on. I was amazed at how comfortable the saddles looked. I've always had the intention to train Finn to western as it makes much more sense to me than traditional ways. As he's got very high withers, Deep, wide shoulders and a flat wide back I opted for the Nevada. Also it's more secure dressage girth is needed on Finn considering his greeness. The Nevada arrived in ony two days and was so light to carry. I put the saddle pad on and was able to leave Finn standing in just that whilst putting everything else together. He stands in his stable and falls asleep he's so comfortable and relaxed in it. His movement now is so smooth and unhindered it's amazing. He's much less spooky and willing to lisyen rather then going straight to flight response. I had no idea simply removing a tree could make so much difference. I'll nere have anything but a treeless saddle for any horse I may have in the future. Finn and I may even get a London model as now possibility with his training is endless. I haven't ridden in my Nevada yet as he's still a bit green for me, but I know I'd feel secure if I get up just to walk around in it. I keep it at home on a saddle horse and confess to sitting on it to watch TV, it's just that comfortable! I also have the Half Bosal which he's fascinated by and again makes him listen because the signals are so clear he know's what he's meant to be doing. The service of Horse and Harmony is the best I've come accross. Thank you to the owner Katja who's been very sympathetic and endlessly helpful.

Jennifer Wyles | Maidstone | June 2009

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