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Barefoot 'Shape It' Noseband

Barefoot flexible noseband

Barefoot Bit Straps

Bridle bit straps by Barefoot

Barefoot Bitless Bit (BBB)

Barefoot bitless bit

Barefoot Bosal

Barefoot leather & rawhide Bosal

Barefoot Cavesson 'Shape-It'

Barefoot cavesson shape-it

Barefoot Hackamore 'Flower'

Barefoot hackamore 'Flower'

Hackamore / BBB Bit  Chin Straps

Suitable for hackamores & BBB bit

Hackamore / BBB Bit Noseband

Suitable for hackamore & BBB bits

Noseband 'Shape-It' Soft

Barefoot flexible, soft noseband

Reins Mecate

Barefoot mecate reins