Bitless Bridle 'Walnut'
Bitless Bridle 'Walnut'
Bitless Bridle 'Walnut'
Bitless Bridle 'Walnut'
Bitless Bridle 'Walnut'

Bitless Bridle 'Walnut'

Bitless cross-under bridle

Barefoot Bridle 'Walnut'

Barefoot's Bitless Bridle has been designed to be extremely soft. Nose, brow & headpiece are very padded with the headpiece also being exceptionally wide to reduce any pressure behind the ears.

Barefoot Bitless Bridles evenly distribute pressure over the nose, jaw and poll. The throatlashes are prolonged reins which cross under the horse's chin and through rings that are attached directly to the noseband. This ensures that all aids are easily understood, without wrong flexion at the poll.

Bitless Bridles enable riding with the lightest aids possible, meaning a short impulse with the right rein creates a pain free but distinct pressure on the left hand side of the horse's head. The horse moves away from this pressure, therefore turns his head to the right. Short and soft pressure applied with both reins - your horse will give and tuck in his head.

As with any new bridle, try the Bitless Bridle in an enclosed riding arena first.

Reins not included.

Size : Cob, Full

Colour : Black, Brown

  • made from flexible Nubuck Leather
  • bitless alternative for all styles of riding from English, Western to Endurance Riding
  • soft padded leather nose & browband
  • extra wide and padded headpiece 
  • matches all Nubuck Leather Barefoot Saddles
  • mild and even pressure distribution without force
  • cross under straps made from rolled leather to allow for quick release 


How to measure for a Bitless Bridle:

Measure the circumference of your horse's nose 1 1/2"-2" up from the corner of the mouth. Then take a measurement from that point around the poll behind the ears from one side to the other.

Measurements Full Bridle : Browband (including loops at ends): 45cm / 17.5", Noseband adjust from 71cm / 28" largest setting to 58cm / 23" smallest setting, Length (over poll) adjusts from 120cm / 47" largest setting to 98cm /38.5" smallest setting.

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My 23year old mare has a melanoma in the corner of her mouth, so I tried her in my cobs bitless western bridle. It was slightly too large even with extra holes but she was more comfortable.

Having bought from Horse and Harmony many times I decided to buy the Barefoot bitless bridle, it is extremely well made and padded so very comfortable, it fits superbly and she is a very happy pony now.

Her way of going is back to normal as she is happy with no bit to rub on the sore area. Unfortunately I can't take her to the dressage competitions any more - she is a dressage super-star.

Instead we intend to go western - great fun to be had by all.

For those unsure of the bitless option I would say give it a try my 2 horses are much happier bitless. The control always comes from seat and weight aids so there is no problem with stopping because reins are always used as a last resort.

Thank you Barefoot.

Gillian | Redhill | June 2009

I have been riding my mare in a webbing bitless bridle for a while now, and as she so clearly prefers it, I decided to abandon the bit altogether and upgrade to a smarter bitless bridle. Of all the different models I looked at, I thought the Barefoot bitless bridle was the most thoughtfully designed - the cross-under straps are rolled to allow them to slide easily through the rings for clear communication, and the headpiece and noseband are padded and comfortable. I received my bridle today (less than 48 hours after ordering!). I am SO pleased with it, it has even exceeded my expectations - the leather is soft and supple and the bridle is beautifully made. Thank you!

Kate Lauchlan | Carmarthenshire | June 2009

Lovely bridle good quality , fits my horse lovely he appears to be comfortable can't wait to try it properly tomorrow on w/e off. I gave 4 as it would have been useful to have had some instructions and a diagram with it on how to fit bridle , unable to find info on google but otherwise I am extremely happy with it

Jane Hoare | Chester uk | May 2016