Inlays for saddle pads

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  • Description

    Inlays for saddle pads

    Our Barefoot® saddle pads are shipped including inlays, however with these spare shims you can replace inlays or use them in addition to those in use. They are easily trimmed using a sharp pair of scissors.
    Memory Foam:
    Our recommendation for difficult saddle positions and riders spending long periods in the saddle - even suitable for heavy riders or sensitive saddle positions. Extremely shock-absorbing, pressure distributing and also pliable.
    Excellent to level any irregularities. Memory foam is long lasting - the material ideally moulds to the rider and horse in use but returns to its original shape when pressure is removed. Also used in medicine e.g. for bedridden patients! Thickness : 20mm.
    Rubberfoam inlays:
    Quite firm, yields just slightly and reduces bumps to greatest degree Use it to change the reposition the saddle, i.e. lift it either in the front or rear so it sits level on the horse. So in case of very broad shoulders or prominent withers you should use additional padding in the rear part of the pad to keep the saddle in place. If your horse is croup high, place additional padding in the front.
    Cross-sectional thickness: 12 mm
    PU-Foam inlays:
    soft and destinctly more adaptable than rubberfoam, great to level peak pressure and any unevenness along the horse's back such as a subaceous gland. Cross-sectional thickness: 15 mm
    This article is sold in pairs.

    Saddlepad could be padded

    This saddle pad can be fitted with variable padding, so it can be adapted to fit different horses’ backs. As it can be individually adapted, it is particularly suitable for horses with difficult back shapes. With this pad, one Barefoot saddle can therefore be used on several different horses. Link: how to pad the saddle pad correctly.

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