Due to production delays, raw material shortages and shipping delays caused by the current crisis, many items now have a waiting time which is subject to changes. We will try and keep this page as updated as possible for you. Lead times are estimates only. 

Please be aware that due to very high demand on Barefoot saddles some models sell out before even making it out of production. We advise to order ahead of time to secure a saddle out of the next production release.

Expected out of production:


Cheyenne Drytex, Atlanta (Brown Size 1 & 2, Black Size 2), Cheyenne, Nottingham, Arizona, Arizona Nut - End Of September

Cherokee, Cherokee Classic, Just Adjust, Madrid,Happy Valley (Size 1 Brown, Size 2 Black & Brown), Barrydale (Size 2 Black, Size 1 & 2 Black/Grey), Lazy Mountain (Size 1 Brown, Size 2 brown)- End Of October

Happy Valley Size 1 Black, Barrydale Size 1 Black, Lazy Mountain (Size 1 Brown, Size 2 Black) - Mid December

Atlanta Black 1 - Late December


Saddle Pad Special - Mid September

Saddle Pad Physio - End of October

Replacement Shims PU Foam -  End of September

Heavy Duty Shims - Beginning of October

Physio Cushion

Pad for Surcingles - End of November


Girth Converter -  Beginning of November

Breastplate brown - End of September

Breastplate black - Beginning of October

Breastplate Stretch & Breath Cob size -  Beginning of November

Fenders with Knee Rolls brown -  

Pommel Insert wide, XXL - End of October

Girth Stretch & Breath 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm - End of October

Sheepskin Girth 65cm, 85cm - End of October

Leather Dressage girth 65cm black -  Beginning of October

Leathers Drytex 115cm Brown - End of October

Leathers Drytex 115cm Black - End of December

Dressage Mono leathers black -  Beginning of October

Sheepwool Covers - End of October

Sheepwool Seat Covers - Mid May 2022

Soft Step Stirrups brown - Mid September

Soft Step Stirrups black - Mid May 2022


Ride on Pad Physio - Beginning of December

Ride on Pad Trail - Beginning of December

Sheepwool Seat - Beginning of December

Ride on Pad Full - Beginning of October


Multi-bag colour blue/black -  Beginning of March 2022

Barefoot Bridles

Barefoot Amber Bridle Size 1 Black/ Brown - End of October

Barefoot Juniper  Bridle Size 2 - Beginning of November

Barefoot Syringa Bridle Black Size 1 -  

Barefoot Acorn Bridle Size 2 -  Beginning of October

Barefoot Contour Physio Size 2 Brown, Size 2 Black -  Beginning of October

Barefoot Bridle Accessories

Barefoot Shape It Cavesson Black Size 1 -  

Barefoot Shape It Soft Noseband Brown Size 2 -  Beginning of October

Noseband for Hackamore Brown - End of September

Barefoot Chin Strap Colour Brown - End of September